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N Propanol

CAS : 71-23-8

N Propanol


Normal propanol is a primary alcohol with a molecular formula of C3H8O. It is a colorless, transparent liquid that has a typical sharp musty odor that is comparable with the smell of rubbing alcohol. The product is fully miscible in water and freely miscible with all common solvents such as glycols, ketones, alcohols, aldehydes, ethers and aliphatic hydrocarbons.

N Propanol


Purity 99.89 wt.%
 Water Content 0.02 wt.%
 Color 5 APHA
 Specific gravity (20/20°C) 0.8050
 Acidity as Acetic Acid 0.0010
 Distillation range at 760mmHg 96.8-97.1
 Non-Volatile Matter (g/100mL) 0.001
 Appearance Free from insoluble and haze.


·       Normal propanol is used to manufacture other solvents such as cosmetics, skin/hair preparations, perfumes, pharmaceuticals, lacquer formulations, dye solutions, antifreezes, soaps and window cleaner.

·       It can also be used to create printing inks, coatings, de-greasing fluids, adhesives, insecticides and herbicides.

·       Normal propanol is also used as a chemical intermediate to create esters, halides, propyl amines and propyl acetate.

·       The end user markets of this product are the cosmetics, cleaning, motor, printing, coatings and chemical industries.



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