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Succinic Acid

CAS : 110-15-6

Succinic Acid


Succinic acid is a chemical compound with a molecular formula of C4H6O4. It is a colourless crystalline solid, soluble in water with a melting point of 185-187°C. 

Succinic Acid


ItemStandardAnalysis Result
 AppearanceWhite crystalline or powder, no visible impurities.Qualified
 Succinic acid≥99.599.86
 ω/% Chloride≤0.005<0.001
 ω/% Sulfate≤0.03<0.02
 residue on ignition≤0.0100
 Melting point range185-188187
 mL/g ease oxide≤0.500.10
 ω/% Pb≤0.002not detected
 ω/%As2O3≤0.0002not detected


·        Manufacture PBS, PBT, PBAT, PBSA, PBST.

·        Manufacture Polyesters, Polyurethanes and some of PET.

·        Manufacture Sodium succinate, N-Bromosuccinimide and N-Chlorosuccinimide.

·        Medical intermediate and food additives.


·        Water treatment agents.


25 KG/BAG or 1000 KG/BAG. 



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