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CAT 2020

Coal Combustion Catalyst

CAT 2020


CAT 2020 is a specially formulated organo-metallic solid fuel fireside catalyst that is designed to enhance combustion in boilers and furnaces whilst preventing fireside slag formation on heat exchange areas.

CAT 2020 induces a catalytic reaction that is totally different to the action of current mainstream fireside additives.

The product is fed directly into the boiler combustion zone at a pre-determined rate. CAT 2020 will be advantageous when used on any solid fuel boiler. Fuel types where CAT 2020 can find application includes coal, pulverized coal, bagasse, husks and woodchips.


 Appearance Solid (crystalline particles)
 Density @ 25°C (77°F)  5.0 – 5.2 g/ml
 Approximate volume per Kg 196 ml
 pH [Conc.(% w/w): 10%] 7


CAT 2020 is dosed with specifically designed dosage equipment supplied by Relic. CAT 2020 should be injected directly into combustion zone of the boiler or furnace. CAT 2020 should be added at the rate as advised by our technical specialist.

The correct dosage point and recommended dosage rate will be advised by your Relic technical specialist. The correct placement of injection is critical in ensuring good results when using CAT 2020


• Enhanced combustion of fuel.

• Allows low air operation of boiler.

• Ash Fusion Temperature is increased.

• Enhanced fireside cleanliness, no more clinkers and tars.

• Improved heat transfer over prolonged periods

• Reduced particulate emissions

• Reduced SOX and NOX emissions

• Non-toxic and non-hazardous material


The efficacy of the CAT 2020 catalyst treatment can be monitored by various direct and indirect methods. Monitoring of Unburnt Carbon in Ash, Coal feeding rates, flue gas monitoring, Coal to Steam rations are most direct indications of working of catalyst. Specific monitoring will be plant specific and options will be advised by our technical specialist.

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