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N Butanol

CAS : 71-36-3

N Butanol


Normal butanol (n-butanol) is a primary alcohol with a molecular formula of C4H10O . N-butanol is a colorless liquid of medium volatility and a characteristic banana-like odor. It only has limited miscibility in water, however is easily soluble in regular solvents such as ethers, alcohol, glycols and hydrocarbons. This solvent is very flammable. The major use n-butanol is in the industrial arena.

N Butanol


 Purity (%) 99.9095
 I-Butane (%) 0.0355
 Color (APHA)    < 0.6
 Water (%) 0.0350
 Acidity (as Acetic Acid) (%) 0.0001
 Aldehydes (as Carbonyl, C=O) 0.0008
 Sulfuric Acid Color (APHA) < 0.6


·     N-butanol can be used a chemical intermediate to create other chemicals (e.g. Esters, n-butyl acetate and amino resins); alternatively it can be used as a solvent in the creation of consumer products.

·     N-butanol is used as a solvent for paints, coatings, varnishes, fats, oils, waxes, rubber and plasticizers.

·    Other uses include coating fabric in the textiles industry, as a cleaning or polishing agent, gasoline, and brake fluid and in consumer products such as make-up, nail products, hygiene products and shaving products in the cosmetic industry.

·     The main user end market of this product is the chemical, petrochemical, textiles, cleaning and cosmetics industries.



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