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N-Propyl Bromide

CAS # 106-94-5

N-Propyl Bromide


N-propyl bromide or nPB is an organobromine compound with the chemical formula CH3CH2CH2Br. It is a colorless liquid that is used as a solvent. It has a characteristic hydrocarbon odor. Its industrial applications increased dramatically in the 21st century.

N-Propyl Bromide


Appearance Colorless liquid
Density 1.354 g mL−1
Melting point −110.5 °C; −166.8 °F; 162.7 K
Boiling point 70.3 to 71.3 °C; 158.4 to 160.2 °F; 343.4 to 344.4 K
Solubility in water 2.5 g L−1 (at 20 °C)
Solubility in ethanol Miscible
Solubility in diethyl ether Miscible


Like many other liquid halocarbons, 1-bromopropane finds use as a liquid or gaseous solvent. It is a solvent for adhesives in aerosol glues that glue foam cushions together. It is a solvent in asphalt production, in the aviation industry for maintenance, and in synthetic fiber production. It is a solvent for degreasing plastics, optics and on metal surfaces, to remove soldering residues from electronic circuit boards. It is an aggressive solvent with a Kauri-butanol value of 129 which is similar to 1, 1, 1-Trichloroethane

Its increasing use in the 21st century resulted from the need for a substitute for chlorofluorocarbons and perchloroethylene (tetrachloroethylene) as a dry cleaning solvent, however its use in dry cleaning has been steadily declining and by 2020, its use for dry cleaning is nearly obsolete.



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