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Paper Seal Concentrate


Paper Seal Concentrate


Paper Seal C™ Concentrate (PS-C) is the concentrated version of Paper Seal™, for shipping savings and industrial applications. Paper Seal™ is a water based fire retardant designed for treatment of corrugated paper, wall board, press board material and most types of paper. Paper Seal™ is a water borne mix of proprietary ingredients, which forms a carbon char when the treated paper is exposed to fire. Once the carbon char is formed there will be minimal flame propagation, smoke evolution or afterglow


Total Solids 31 - 34%
Weight per Gallon 9.9 - 10.2 lbs
Specific Gravity 1.19 - 1.23
ph 5.5 - 6.5


Paper Seal C™ should be diluted 1: 1 with water - yielding Paper Seal™ - before normal use. The recommended coverage rate is 300 - 400 ft2 per gallon after dilution, for common applications. Most paper materials, properly treated with this product, will meet the NFPA 701 requirements.

Paper Seal™ must penetrate paper fibers and be allowed to thoroughly dry to be effective. Sealed or coated paper is not treatable by Paper Seal™.

It is recommended that a small sample be tested for penetration and color fastness before full-scale application.

Wet the paper thoroughly, then allow to air dry or force dry with moving air and/or heat.

Paper Seal C™ may be utilized in the paper making process by adding the product in the slurry, typically when the moisture content is below 40%.

This product may be used on card board products, wall board, pressed board and most types of paper.


·        Temperature Range: 40 - 90 °F

·        Two year shelf life from manufacture date.


Paper Seal C™ is a liquid available in various packaging sizes from 1 gallon to bulk containers

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