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CAS # 68-12-2


Dimethyl formamide appears as a water-white liquid with a faint fishy odor having chemical formula HCON(CH3)2. It is widely used in industries as a solvent, an additive, or an intermediate because of its extensive miscibility with water and most common organic solvents.





 Clear Liquid

 Color (APHA)


 pH at 25°C in 20% solution


 Conductivity in 20% water @ 250C


 Dimethyl Form amide Content (%wt.)


 Water Content (%w)


 Methanol Content (%wt.)

 < 0.001

 Acidity as Formic Acid (mg/kg)


 Base as DMA (mg/kg)


 Iron ppm



·       Dimethyl formamide is commonly used as a solvent.

·       It is used as a reagent in Bouveault aldehyde synthesis and also in Vilsmeier-Haack reaction.

·       It acts as a catalyst in the synthesis of acyl chlorides.

·       It is used for separating and refining crude from olefin gas.

·       DMF along with methylene chloride acts as a remover of varnish or lacquers.

·       It is also used in the manufacture of adhesives, fibers and films.

·       DMF penetrates most plastics and makes them swell. Because of this property DMF is suitable for solid phase peptide synthesis and as a component of paint strippers