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CAS # 109-99-9


Tetrahydrofuran (THF) is a clear, colorless, volatile, and water-miscible liquid. It has low viscosity at standard temperature and has the formula C4H8O. It has smell similar to diethyl ether and is one of the most polar ethers.




 Clear Liquid


 99.993 wt %


 < 5 APHA


 52 ppm


 8 ppm

 Specific Gravity (20/4°C)


 Refractive Index




·        Tetrahydrofuran has many uses in the industrial marketplace. It is a versatile industrial solvent for natural and synthetic resins and is a solvent used in the production of nylon. It is also an industrial solvent for PVC.

·       Tetrahydrofuran is also a valuable chemical intermediate as it is a precursor to polymers, such as poly (tetra methylene ether) glycol.

·       The primary use of this polymer is the production of elastomeric polyurethane fibers like Spandex.

·       It is also an intermediate in the natural gas industry where it is a natural gas odorant.

·       It is also used as a reaction medium, primarily in the pharmaceutical industry, in processes such as Grignard syntheses or lithium aluminum hydride reductions.