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CAS # 110-91-8


Morpholine is a colorless, mobile, hygroscopic liquid with a characteristic amine-like odor. It is completely miscible with water and a large number of organic solvents, and is itself a solvent for a large variety of organic materials, including resins, dyes, waxes, shellac, and casein.


Color1 Pt-Co
Morpholine by GC100.0 wt%
Specific Gravity (20/20°C)1.0018
Water0.03 wt%


· A major use of morpholine is as an intermediate in the production of delayed-action type rubber accelerators.

· Morpholine has been employed as a catalyst for the condensation of aldehydes and ketones which contain active methyl or methylene groups.

· Morpholine is widely used as a neutralizing amine in combating carbonic acid corrosion in condensate return lines of steam boiler systems.

·  The morphine volatilizes with the steam from the boiler and condenses when the steam does, thereby affording protection to the lines, which otherwise would be subjected to corrosion by the carbonic acid present in the steam condensate.

·  Separating Agents -The physical and chemical properties of morpholine make it useful in various purification procedures 

· Morpholine is an important intermediate in the manufacture of optical brighteners. Other pharmaceutical fields in which morpholine has found applications include choleretics, antispasmodics, analeptics, and antimalarials.