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Dimethyl Acetamide

CAS # 127-19-5


Dimethyl ace amide (DMAC) is a member of the class of ace amides that is ace amide in which the hydrogen’s attached to the N atom have been replaced by two methyl groups respectively. It appears as a clear colorless liquid with a faint odor similar to ammonia.




Clear without suspension

Purity %

99.97 PCT

Color (Hazen ) (Pt.-Co)


Moisture %

0.006 PCT

Acidity (based on Acetic acid) %


Alkalinity (based on Dim ethylamine) %

Not Detected

Iron Content

Not Detected

Conductivity (25 °C)





·         Dimethyl ace amide (DMAC) is a dipolar aprotic solvent used for many organic reactions and industrial applications. It is a versatile solvent due to its high boiling point and good thermal and chemical stability.


·         Acrylic fibers- DMAC is applied as solvent in wet spinning processes for the production of acrylic fibers.


·         Eastham fibers- In the production of polyurethane-based elasthane fibers, DMAC is the solvent of choice given its evaporation speed, whether it is used in wet or dry spinning processes.

·         Pharmaceuticals- DMAC can be used both as a solvent and as a reagent in the production of various pharmaceuticals. In the production of novel x-ray contrast media, DMAC is used as a solvent. Cephalosporin’s, which are among one of the leading classes of antibiotics, are partly produced from derivatives of 7-ADCA (7-aminodeacetoxy-cephalosporanic acid). DMAC is used in the manufacturing process.


·         Various polymers- DMAC is a good solvent for polyimide resins, both in coating and film production. It is also the ideal solvent for the production of dialyzer membranes, based on polysulfide’s. A mixture of DMAC and lithium chloride is a useful solvent for cellulose fibers in several applications.